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Redhawk takes a Genuine Interest

Redhawk is a boutique Venture Capital firm focused on technology. We fill the growing gap between seed and private equity capital providers. Our vision is unique because we take a personalized hands-on approach and work with only a select number of companies. This allows each entrepreneur and each company to receive the personal attention that is customized to maximize success and returns for all investors. You are not a number at Redhawk.

It is our mission to help companies maximize their chances for becoming successful.

Welcome to Redhawk!

We Maximize Success


Redhawk creates value because we are committed to driving success by sharing our time, knowledge and capital. Successful businesses are not only more attractive to your customers, employees, and investors but contribute to improving society’s well being as a whole.


Our network of highly credible professionals have years of experience in running, building and selling businesses, and they want to share these experiences with the next generation. Redhawk is dedicated to working with entrepreneurs and investors to build value for all stakeholders.


Redhawk enjoys helping to build successful businesses. The social impact of growing business can be huge, from providing employment to creating the wealth that is used to increase the overall quality of life. Let us help you make an impact!

Why us?

Redhawk is Committed

We enjoy meeting and working with entrepreneurs and making them successful. Our stakeholders and those of us associated with Redhawk have all had successful business careers, starting, rapidly growing and exiting businesses. In the encore phase of our careers, we would like to share our experience and capital with the next generation. The small, rapidly growing businesses throughout our communities are what make our quality of life possible. By helping to ensure their success we are securing our society’s future. This is why Redhawk is committed to helping entrepreneurs elevate their dreams to the next level of success.

Redhawk was established to help other like-minded entrepreneurs grow their businesses successfully. Entrepreneurs starting a new business face many challenges when trying to get to the next level. Redhawk has experienced CEOs and other professionals who are willing to share their knowledge and commit to helping businesses become sustainable and grow.

Always present, engaged, and not afraid to get involved, Redhawk is personable and respectful to all stakeholders during the highs and lows of building a successful business. You can count on Redhawk to be there to help find the best people to help build and grow the best companies.


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If you would like to know more and share our passion, please get in touch with us. If you are an entrepreneur with a revenue producing technology business, please include an executive summary of no more than five (5) pages.


    office 615.206.7380